Horrible Hip Pains?

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What If You Could

Take A Leisure Walk

Walk Your Pet

Easily Get Off The Couch

Stoop To Pick Something Up

Regain Your Independence

Have Ease Of Mind Of Not Falling

Get Ease Of Mind Of A Loved One Not Falling

Swim…With No Aches

Jump…Like You Used To


Walk Up Or Down Steps Pain Free

Live… Pain Free

Play With Grandkids

Play Your Favorite Sport

Lift Weights

Ride Your Bike

Drive Long Distances

Throw A Ball With Zip

Open A Jar Without Pains

Play Pain Free Golf


Do Your Hobby Pain Free

Play An Instrument

(Fill In The Blank)

Take Your Life Back From Pain

Do What Pain Stops You From Doing




Renew Your Possibilities™
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Renewstem Stem Cell Therapy Hip Pain

Imagine a ReNewed You.New life. New possibilities.

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The emotional impact of pain can at times be greater than the actual physical pain itself.

  If you’re like most people even though you may be suffering from the true aches and pains in your hip, and the pain can climb high on the scale of 1-10 (1 being very little discomfort and 10 being pain that is so unbearable that it takes your breath away),  yet the emotional toll of not participating in daily activities can take you past 10 on the emotional pain scale.

Don’t think about the embarrassment of needing extra time to just get ‘settled’ before you can walk after you’ve been sitting. Don’t think about the pains you have even if it’s a short car ride. Don’t think about how pains in your hip impacts your interactions with loved ones.

Here’s what we want you to think about: What if your pain was significantly less or even gone?

How would your life change? … Just Imagine…

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