Chronic Foot or Ankle Pain?

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Go Hiking

Take A Long Walk With A Loved One

Jog … Pain Free

Swim…With No Aches

Jump…Like You Used To


Walk Up Or Down Steps Pain Free

Live… Pain Free

Play With Grandkids

Play Your Favorite Sport

Lift Weights

Ride Your Bike

Drive Long Distances

Throw A Ball With Zip

Open A Jar Without Pains

Play Pain Free Golf


Do Your Hobby Pain Free

Play An Instrument

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Take Your Life Back From Pain

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Renew Your Possibilities™
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Do You Know The Answer To This?

“The Younger We Are The More We Do This, & The Older We Are The Less We Do This.” What is it?

Here’s a hint… It’s NOT What You’re Thinking.

When we are younger we actually exert significant amounts of pressure on your feet and ankles. And when we are older the amount of pressure exerted is often less. But if you’re experiencing pain in your feet, or ankles, or both – then it does not matter what your age is the pain and the results can be debilitating.

Just moving around the house or just wearing shoes can be so painful that you break out in a sweat.

And the sad cycle of not being able to move often leads to weight gain. The weight gain leads to more pain in your feet and ankle. The more pain, then the less you can be mobile and, well you know the cycle. But then you have the multiple effects of dealing with the negative emotions of the physical pain in your feet or ankle bringing you down, Plus the negative emotions of carrying more weight than you prefer.

But we’ve got good news! Regenerative cell therapy has helped a lot of people in your shoes. Yes, pun intended.

What if you could not only be walking without pain, but you just might be able to do even more exercising without the pains? This is a reality for so many people who were smart enough to learn about their options and then ‘took the step’ (yes, prior to getting stem cell therapy it will be a painful step, but it could possibly be one of your last painful steps) to get the stem cell therapy which is now provided by Renewstem.

Just imagine… will you want to run & jump and shout for joy if your pain was less or gone?

Oh, and by the way. Did you know that it’s been proven that the less physical pains you’re dealing with then you’re more likely to engage in acts of intimacy? This is the case for younger people as well as folks with a few more years.

So give us a call and ‘Renew Your Possibilities!™”

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