Breaking News For Cincinnati Area Residents: Chronic back pain stem cell treatment could cut need for opioids | New Scientist

Stem Cells have been used to help paralyzed patients regain movement

Back pain impacts a huge percentage of the population. The toll on the quality of life is immense. The emotional drain is often just as difficult as the actual pain. The emotional pain for the person with the pain is intense and if your loved one is the one in pain then you know that you experience emotional pain too because you can feel helpless watching someone you love suffering.

The typical response in the past would be to take a pill and cover up the pain. Sadly, the toll of taking pills to cover-up pain is now showing up in the form of opioid addictions. Many people are saying that the remedy of pills is actually worse than the original pain. The pain can be devastating. But the pills have proven deadly.

How do stem cells come into this equation?

First, pills don’t have regenerative results. ( click here to learn more about regenerative cell therapy) Basically, pills, otherwise known as painKILLERS, often have a degenerative effect. They block the body’s system from telling you that you’re in pain. The pain is still there, but the signal to your body is reduced so that you feel less. But stem cell therapy is a regenerative protocol. Stem cells build up. They do not tear down or block. Stem cells allow your body to do what it is supposed to do and in many cases, the rebuilding of your body’s injured area will then allow your body to naturally remove the element that is the source of the pain.

There is a key difference in covering up the pain. Verses helping the body to heal or repair and the source of the pain being dealt with and that allows for pain reduction or pain removal in many cases.

We are very careful in making claims that stem cells can and will work in all cases. The truth is they don’t. But the truth is surgery and painKILLERS don’t work in all cases either. The bottom line is that if you are experiencing pain and want to know more about stem cell therapy then you owe it to yourself and your family to get the facts about how stem cell injections could possibly help you.

We would love for you to choose Renewstem. But even if you choose another one of the many excellent options, we would just encourage you to get the facts. Don’t listen to the ‘noise’ about moral issues. There are several 100% ethical and moral options for you to choose from. The newspapers and the media will always try to fan the flames of controversy because it sells their papers. You should talk to someone who can answer your questions. Don’t believe a journalist who gets paid to create controversy.

We get asked if our stem cells come from aborted babies and other incredibly horrible stuff. The answer is a BIG no way. That is not something that we would ever do and it is 100% against our personal and ethical belief systems.

You may have more questions about how stem cell therapy can help your back pain or other pains. We encourage you to come to one of our Free seminars. Get your questions answered and if it makes sense for you we would love to have you schedule an initial consult and then if it’s a good fit get the stem cell therapy.

The article below shares some insights on the pill’s path to destruction and how the successes of stem cell therapy could help reduce the number of families who have to deal with the devastating effect of opioid addiction.

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Source: Chronic back pain stem cell treatment could cut need for opioids | New Scientist

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